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10 Best Kennels In Bangalore

Here are some of the Best Kennels in Bangalore that provide good quality puppies in their Kennel. They also guide you on how to feed the puppies from time to time and tell every detail you need about the dog puppies. And The Best Dog Boarding ib Bangalore.

Here is a list of some of the Best Kennels In Bangalore:

  • Sandalwood Kennel.
  • Black Bull Kennel.
  • Astro Puppy Dog boarding centre. 
  • Happy Kennel Bangalore.
  • The Red Rotrollen Kennel.
  • Pawse Pet Boarding.
  • Happy Dogs Kennel and Boarding.
  • A.n.kennels [Giant Dogs Breeders].
  • Spar Pet Home.
  • Shadow’s Kennel.

Sandalwood Kennel:

Best Kennels In Bangalore

Sandalwood Kennel is the Best Kennels in Bangalore. The dog puppies are of Three Qualities: Show Quality, Good quality and pet Quality puppies and Adult Dogs. We will provide puppies per your requirement and offer puppies, and adult dogs with KCI registered papers or without KCI registered documents. They provide services like a homely Boarding facility for your puppies and adult dog.

Sandalwood kennel is the top Dog Kennel in Bangalore, Which Deals with small, Medium and Gaint dog breeds. They provide dogs per your priority, and the prices are as per the quality of the puppies and adult dogs.

They have the Best Dog boarding in Bangalore. They keep the dogs in a clean and hygenic place and take good care of they them. They have both Home Boarding and Kennel Boarding. Most dogs are kept in the home, and they are Fed them from time to time. 

They have friendly dog in their Kennel. you will get excellent companions Dog breeds to your excellent family. The Dog puppies here are very active and playful puppies and love to spending time with people. The dog are incredibly smart and have pretty high energy level and very soft and furry dog breeds.

ContactContact: +91 9036235036

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Black Bull Kennel:

The black Bull kennel is the Best Kennel in Bangalore and provides good quality puppies and boarding facilities for puppies and adult dogs. The kennel owners are very informative and knowledgeable about the dog’s needs and diet, and one can contact them regarding any queries related to dogs and their needs.

Address 139,1st Main Road, 3rd Cross St, near Karnataka Bank ATM, Kaval Bairasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032.

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Astro Puppy Dog boarding centre:

The Astro puppy dog boarding centre is the Best Kennels in Bangalore. This is situated in the South of Bangalore and caters for all your dog’s needs. If you are looking for a new puppy or if there are any needs for your dog, you can contact them and get assisted. They also help with pet boarding and pet breeding. You should contact them if you are situated in the south of Bangalore and have your pup needs.

Address 262/7 Jayanagar 1st block 4th main, 22nd Cross Rd, bysandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka        560011   

Happy Kennel Bangalore:

The Happy Kennel is one of the best Kennels in Bangalore, situated in Mysore Road and R R Nagar’s surrounding areas. This Kennel provides all kinds of dog care and also provides pet boarding and grooming. If you are someone situated nearby to Mysore Road, this is the Kennel to look up to and caters for your dog’s needs.

Address 80 Feet Rd, Channasandra, RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560074

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The Red Rotrollen Kennel:

This Kennel is situated on the eastern side of Bangalore. The Red Rotrollen Kennel is the Best Kennels in Bangalore and provides services like grooming, breeding, training, and transportation. If someone is nearby, you can look up to them for the dog puppies.

Address:No: 6a 49/2, Shree Angalaparameshwari Illam Sunny Layout Road Happay Gardens SVGP LAYOUT(SHREE Vinayaka Green Park layout) 1st main, 2nd Cross Rd, Margondanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.

Pawse Pet Boarding:

Pawse pet boarding best Kennels in Bangalore is located north of Bangalore in Yelahanka. They provide facilities like a dog boarding centre in Yelahanka, which is a clean, safe and quiet place for your dog.

Address:108/1 Avalahalli, Opposite Presidency School Rd, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.

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Happy Dogs Kennel and Boarding:

Happy dogs Kennel and boarding is the best Kennels in Bangalore is situated on the north side of Bangalore; they provide a boarding facility for dogs. If you are nearby this location, you can look to them for boarding and dog puppies. If someone is located near Kogilu, you can look them up.

Address3rd Cross Rd, Prakruthi Nagar, Kogilu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.

A.n.kennels [Giant Dogs Breeders]:

A.n.kennels is the best Kennels in Bangalore, situated in the central part of Bangalore. They sell almost all Giant dogs and toy breeds, from imported lineage show prospects dogs for our valuable customers, all kinds of Giants and toy breeds available in A.n.kennels. If someone is located near Austin Town, you can look up for them.

Addressnear Ambedkar statue, Austin Town, Neelasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047.

Spar Pet Home:

Spar pet home is the best Kennels in Bangalore, located north-eastern side of Bangalore. They provide a homestay for dogs, where they can enjoy a vacation, they onboard dog in our homestay and enjoy taking care of them a lot. If someone is located near K.R Puram, you can look up to them.

AddressCascading Meadows, #94, Thambu Chetty Palya, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.

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Shadow’s Kennel:

Shadow’s best Kennels in Bangalore is in the east part of Bangalore. This Space for dogs (Small & Medium Breed) to be housed temporarily for a fee. They also offer the below-listed services: * Day Care * Other Pet Boarding * Doorstep Pet Bathing * Pet Food Supply. If someone is located near Bidarahalli, you can look up to them for their services. 

AddressSS Illam, #39, Pragathi Layout, Hallehalli Bidarahalli, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.


These are some of the Best Kennels in Bangalore that provide services like Purchasing and selling dog puppies and adult dogs and other services like grooming, pet sitting, and pet boarding facility for your pets.

We are grateful that you have read this article on Best Kennels in Bangalore. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Where can I leave my dog in Bangalore?

You will get many dog Boarding Services near your location you contact that kennel for your dog boarding to leave your dog. They take good care of your dog.

What is the cost of puppy in Bangalore?

You have to consider many things before you decide to get a dog and one of them is the price. Prices depend upon the Quality of the puppy and vary according to the quality of the puppy.

Sandalwood Kennels

10 Best Small Dog Breeds in India

Are you looking for some cute small dog breeds in India?

Despite their small dimensions, small dogs are well-trained, intelligent, and can be fantastic guard dogs. These tiny, pocket-sized dogs come in various shapes and colors and make great companions. Their small size makes them simple to keep clean, are much more affordable than their bigger counterparts, and are well-suited to apartments.

The best part about them is they are low-maintenance dogs and are more suitable for first-time owners.

Furthermore, these adorable puppies will never stop growing. There are hundreds of breeds of small dogs all over the world. Some of them are not accessible in India, and they cannot thrive in our conditions. We’ve compiled a list of small size dog breeds in India that can either live in the apartment or any place and also flourish within Indian conditions. These are the smallest dog breeds in the world.

Here is a list of 10 Small Dog Breeds in India :

  • Maltese
  • Beagle
  • Toy Poodle
  • Shih Tzu
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pomeranian
  • Chihuahua
  • Pug
  • Dachshund
  • Bichon Frise

Small Dog Breeds Available In India – Get Yours Today


Small Dog Breeds in India

The Maltese breed is known for its soft white hair. The toy dog is a classy breed in addition to the thick and straight coat covering the ground. There were several shades of Maltese; however, now they’re always white.

If he is moving around with a well-built Maltese appearance, he appears to be floating in a fluffy white cloud of hair, and it sheds less due to the absence of an undercoat. Moreover, many believe that he is hypoallergenic due to the lack of an undercoat.

It’s not only its fur coat that makes the Maltese breed unique. Complete your photo with the slightly rounded skull with a black nose, dark eyes, drop ears with straight legs, long legs, and a long tail. Maltese are long-haired dog breeds that should be combed daily.

Affectionate to his family and his family, he is a gentle and intelligent dog. He is among the small breeds of dogs, which is why condominiums or apartments are an ideal place to live for him. Small Dog Breeds in India.

He’s a charming, intelligent dog who is devoted to his family. As one of the most miniature dog breeds, he’s perfect to live in a condo or apartment. The Maltese react to the surroundings in any place he’s lived and is an active dog watchdog.

However, Maltese is among the smaller breeds of dogs in India that isn’t an ideal option for children of families since they are so tiny and easily injured. Like all dogs, their role in the home needs to be taught, which requires the proper socialization and education in basic obedience.


Small Dog Breeds in India

Beagle is a Small Dog Breeds in India, but one of the most adorable breeds that could make an excellent for your household. Beagles are intelligent and possess a fantastic scent sense.

Beagles are adored for their attractive appearance and, of course, their size and friendly temperament. They are less likely to inherit health issues, which is an essential benefit for this breed.

Perhaps the most adorable canine you’ve ever met is the Beagle. Because they’re fun and gentle, they’re great for families with kids because they’re small, lively, and friendly.

If they come across an intriguing scent trail, They are often swept off by the scent. If your Beagle is well-trained from a young age, this can develop into an issue. Anything that smells intriguing may make them more inclined to chase butterflies, a rat, or perhaps an animal.

The Beagle’s color may vary from red to lemon and white up to tricolor. They are very well-liked by Indian pet owners because of their cute faces, large brown eyes, and long ears.

The small size of the Beagle is what makes him a favorite among those who live in apartments. At the same time, they do bark harder than other smaller dogs. Take note of this. If that’s the case, maybe you could give your friend earmuffs that block out sound if you intend to own Beagles.

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Toy Poodle

Small Dog Breeds in India

Toy poodles should not exceed 10 inches on the shoulder, and small canines should not exceed 15 inches in height at the shoulder. The proportions and structure of the three breeds are comparable. When you attend the Poodle dog show, you’ll likely be able to see him wearing a fancy Continental Clip.

Sporting Clips match the square shape of well-muscled dogs and have oval-shaped fur, making them a favorite choice for pet owners. Toy Poodles are Small Dog Breeds in India.

Poodles aren’t just little dogs! They are brilliant, agile, flexible, and competitive. They are also capable of responding. They’re like other small breeds of dogs in that they are conditioned to be treated with respect as “human” and are delivered with a lot of behavior and sensitivity.

Poodles come in three kinds-: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodles, and Toy Poodle. Poodles are adored because of their appearance, but they aren’t only appreciated for their looks, knowledge, and love. Small Dog Breeds in India. They are often referred to as show dogs and win many dog shows. Toy Poodles are exceptionally smart and straightforward to train.

Shih Tzu

Small Dog Breeds in India

Another Small Dog Breeds in India on the list is a product of China.

Shih Tzu is an ideal companion for you and your family. They are friendly, loyal and affectionate, but the Shiz Tzu temperament is unique and can differ from dog to dog.

A proper training program and socialization are essential from an early age to help them follow your orders since they can be highly resistant to education.They get along well with dogs and other pets and generally behave well.

The Shih Tzu makes an excellent pet. A dog is affectionate, loving and friendly and follows its family around, and they’re happy, caring and outgoing.The tiny dimension of this breed makes them ideal for apartments, and they make a fantastic first dog. They can be excellent Nannies because of their gentle and loving nature and Small Dog Breeds in India.

Their luxurious, thick coat layer can endure colder temperatures, but they don’t fare as well in high temperatures. Apart from their families and friends, they are incredibly kind to other animals. It’s unknown if the Shih Tzu bites, but it doesn’t like unruly behaviour. Biting and barking may be triggered when they feel threatened, So be nice to them!

Lhasa Apso

sandalwood kennels

Affectionately known for its peaceful and calmness, this dog breed excels in this particular area. It is crucial to be social with other dogs and humans from an early age. Furthermore, they should exercise regularly. Strangers tend to be scared of Lhasa Apsos and have an intense desire to please their owners.

They are typically about 11 inches high and weigh between 12 to 15 pounds. In addition to their being one of the most adorable breeds, they’re also ideal for living in apartments because of their tiny size and long, thick coat.

Lhasa Apso is a small breed dog originating from Tibet (China).They’re also very similar to Shih Tzu in appearance, which originates originated from the same area Tibet (China).They have a keen sense of hearing, and they can hear someone coming from far away.

The breed isn’t a fan of strangers, and they are highly selective about whom they choose to make friends with. They don’t require a lot of exercises, and a walk around the garden or in the park suffices for them. they are Small Dog Breeds in India.

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Small Dog Breeds in India

Pomeranian is a Small Dog Breeds in India. that resembles a Spitz of dog and is frequently mistaken for an Indian Spitz.They’re similar in appearance but different.This breed is extremely loved in India because of its small dimensions and cute appearance.

Pomeranians are descendants of German Spitz. They are highly active and brave and enjoy playing.They can get along with other pets, such as cats, especially when brought up together.The main drawback of this dog breed is they shed quite a bit, and therefore regular grooming is necessary.

Suppose you’re searching for small dog breeds in India, breed. Look no further than the Indian Spitz. The dog is also known as a Pomeranian from India.

A white coat, a playful nature, and a calm attitude make this dog Indian Spitz a multipurpose dog. Indian Spitz, due to its conservative nature, makes an excellent guard dog. When you have an Indian Spitz in the guard, there is no way for intruders to invade your property.

A nuclear family is perfect for Spitz breeds like the Indian Spitz. There’s a striking resemblance between Spitz and Pomeranians.
Spitzes can weigh anything from up to 45 pounds and are between 8 and 18 inches high. Their fur is tiny, and they reside in very comfortable apartments. Walking is a great way to get them to stop their energy and to get their heart rates up.


Small Dog Breeds in India

Chihuahuas can be playful, lively and expressive. In general, Chihuahua is known as being extremely aggressive. However, it is entirely dependent on the breed and the way you treat your puppy.

Socialization (first three months) and regular exercise are essential for this breed that affects their temperament over the long term.
Make sure you research the temperament of your choice before purchasing one.

Although they weigh only 3 kilograms, Chihuahuas are a total delight. Their intelligence, charm, and playful nature make Chihuahuas so adorable. They have big, brilliant, expressive eyes and an apple-shaped head that is round. A variety of colours and lengths are available for coats.

The Chihuahua’s characteristics are devotion, charm, confidence, and enthusiasm. Little ones might be tiny, but their thirst for pleasure is enormous. At a minimum, you must take them for a walk twice per day when temperatures are freezing need to be taken with particular attention. They aren’t able to handle the winter weather very well. They are one of the small dog breeds in India , chihuahua are are well-suited to apartments .

Whatever size they may be, they need the early development of obedience or could pose a danger. It is suitable for people living in apartments to have their pets due to their tiny size and intelligence.


Small Dog Breeds in India

Pugs are among the most miniature and most loved breeds of dogs in India, and they are adorable and peaceful and are a perfect pet for families.

It’s an excellent pet for the family, but they have health problems (mainly breathing); therefore, regular health checks are essential.
You should also know the weather conditions that you reside in, as pugs are susceptible to suffering in extreme temperatures.
Pugs are friendly and playful. They can be excellent with children.

The pug breed is originally from China. Pug comes in the category of toy breeds. This breed is recognised by its punched faces with the notch unique facial wrinkles, Eyes should be, large with a rounded shape and dark in colour, The breed has strong, straight legs set well under the body and a tail that curls over the hip. It is an adorable friendly dog breeds. pug is Small Dog Breeds in India.


Small Dog Breeds in India

Dachshunds originated in German. The name sausage dogs often refer to them due to their shape, and they have tiny legs compared to their body, which makes them different.

The dachshund is among the most well-known small breeds in India. Their distinctive shape, fun nature and well-balanced temperament make them great pet dogs for families. They are Small Dog Breeds in India.

Despite their unique shape, these small dogs are extremely agile and capable of leaping and removing fences efficiently. Dachshunds were brought to India through the British. After many years of living in India, they have found a home under Indian conditions.

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Bichon Frise

Small Dog Breeds in India

Bichon Frise is a dog with a look that is very reminiscent of Poodles, and they are the ideal dog for those seeking love and companionship.
They’re hypoallergenic like poodles, making them the best dog for those allergic to dogs’ hair.

Bichons originate from France However; they are also believed to be native to Spain. They have a lively temperament and a playful character, and they seldom bark at strangers, so they certainly aren’t a good option for protecting your home.

It is also easy as they are intelligent dogs. Bichon Frise in India is undoubtedly the most expensive part in India because they’re rare in the country. They are Small Dog Breeds in India.A Bichon of suitable size will measure less than one foot tall at withers. The most appealing aspect of this breed is its hypoallergenic white coat that is soft and smooth to the touch. It is characterized by the rounded hair on the head that accentuates the lips and nose. They have big eyes, dark.

Bichons are great with children and other animals, and they are highly flexible. They are curious and attentive. Bichons are making cute watchdogs. However, they’re not fighters, and they are based on the idea that there aren’t any strangers and they are just friends they’ve never met.

Their size and confidence make them excellent city dogs. Bichons are easy to train and love to do their best for their family members. Then, there’s the cheerful, go-to-anywhere nature of Bichon which draws affection and love everywhere they are.


These are the 10 Best Small Dog Breeds in India.

We are grateful that you have read this article on Small Dog Breeds in India. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.


Which dog is good for a small house?

The five best dog breeds for apartments and small homes are Maltese, Beagle, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu, and Lhasa Apso these are Friendly, cute, and lovable dog breeds for your homes and very friendly with the family.

Which is the cutest Indian dog breed?

Maltese, toy poodle, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, and Pomeranian are the cutest dog breeds in India for your lovable homes.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Top 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Some people believe that dogs are hazardous, that every dog is Dangerous or that Dogs are not Dangerous to anyone. Every person has their own experience and ideas, so I will show you the Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Everybody urges to have animals, and dogs are generally considered the most loved pets and the most affectionate ones.

Here is a list of the 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds in India:

  • Pitbull.
  • Rottweiler.
  • Chow Chow.
  • Dogo Argentino.
  • Japanese Tosa.
  • American Bulldog.
  • Black Russian Terrier.
  • Indian Mastiff.
  • Caucasian Ovcharka.
  • Bull Terrier.


Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Pitbull is considered the most dangerous dog breed, and many people lost their lives. The inhabitants from America.

They are excellent for watchdogs and hunting, but it’s not easy to pet them. 257 individuals have been killed across the United States due to Pitbulls, which is the most in the breed of dogs. They measure 50 centimetres tall, and their weight can be 30kg.

The size and weight are less when compared to other vehicles. However, that doesn’t make it safer.It is illegal to domesticate animals in America, prohibited in several countries, including the UK.

Although the breeds of these dogs are extraordinarily frightful, they also prove to be very loyal when they are with proper care and affection. In many parts of the world, these dogs are utilized as pets.

Pitbull Terrier, Also known as Pitbull Terrier, also known as the American pit bull terrier or Pit Bull, is a dog breed. The dog is carefully bred to be a variety of different behaviours and is often used for fighting dogs. Within the United States, the breed became popular in the 1980s due to urbanization, and the species was then prohibited in many areas because it was considered a dangerous or Aggressive Dog Breeds in India. The breed is medium-sized, with short coats and can be found in almost every colour combination.

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Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The Rottweiler is regarded as one of the bravest breeds. It has a superb nose and is employed to sniff out dogs and detect termites across Africa. It’s medium-sized, solid and robust.

Before Pitbulls entered the spotlight as risky animals, Rottweilers were frequently regarded as the most dangerous breed of dog around the globe.

They have big bodies and temperaments that can become into a sour mood in certain situations. Specifically, they will become highly protective and friendly to those living in the household; however, that protection does not extend to strangers and Aggressive Dog Breeds in India. Rottweilers also have a terrifyingly strong bite that they can utilize to incredible impact.

The Rottweiler is one of the giant dogs. They can weigh as much as 130 pounds, and the majority are pure muscle. This breed is believed to be extremely risky due to its genetic tendency to protect and herd. However, not all of them are wild beasts. Like many breeds that are bred, they’ve earned an unpopular image due to neglect, abuse and lack of socialization, inadequate training and being looked after by owners who are not responsible.

Chow Chow

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

It is believed that the Chow Chow is believed to be a small and free breed. It was originally bred in China and could weigh up to 70 pounds. This dog has a poor reputation and is believed as a high-risk pet. This is because, Between 1979-and 98, there were more than two-and-a-half Chow Chow attacks. In those attacks, there were 37 victims, of which 37 were children, while 40 of them died. They’re often highly protective of their owners; however, if they lack the appropriate training or aren’t in the right surroundings, it could lead to danger.

Many states view this breed as “unacceptable”, and they require owners to have a separate insurance policy to protect against any harm they may cause. Suppose they cannot get the exercise they need and cannot be physically active because of the lack of space available. In that case, they may become extremely dangerous and Aggressive Dog Breeds in India. Chow Chows have taken risks and have proven that they aren’t all bad.

Chow Chow, when looking, seems adorable, but if not treated with respect, the dog gets angry. They are looking for attention and will not let anyone go in anger. Thanks to its gorgeous hair, it is among Europe’s most beloved dogs. And their behaviour is so unpredictably that they become aggressive within minutes and could cause a huge mess.

Chow chows are not well-known in India. However, some dog lovers are in love with this breed. The breed is considered one of India’s most expensive and demanding breeds of dogs.

Dogo Argentino

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The most deadly Dogs Breeds is Dogo Argentino, banned in the UK and many other countries surrounding it. It is also known that Dogo Argentino is a beast with a tremendous jaw strength that places them among the top 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

The dogs were utilized for hunting during the earliest times, and for games of mutual combat were also fed to them. They’re so dangerous that it’s challenging to keep them in your pet.

The Dogo Argentino is a robust and athletic hunting dog. It is a dog that has a muscular, athletic physique. Dogo Argentino has been used in various hunts like deer, wild boar and jaguar.

Japanese Tosa

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Japanese Tosa Dogs are trained to play blood games in Japan. It isn’t easy to keep them in a home, and it is a giant breed of dog famous for fighting. The sounds of these dogs being boring is frightening as well. They have been banned in the UK as well as Ireland.

Even if you are moving to another country, certain precautions must be taken. A large amount of meat needs to be consumed daily, so its maintenance is often heavy on your budget.

It is said that the Japanese at 82 centimetres tall and weighs 60 kilograms. However, you won’t come across them in India, so you do not know about them. However, they are among the most dangerous and Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

American Bulldog

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The American Bulldog, unlike its British counterparts, is still a strong working animal and has not been overbred. These dogs are just short of 30 inches tall and can weigh more than 100lbs. These dogs are strong and can be dangerous when they attack.

The 13-year-old study found that American bulldogs were responsible for 15 deaths. This is 3.5% of all fatal attacks. This is a small number, but it is significant considering that the breed is often overlooked compared to other dangerous or Aggressive Dog Breeds in India. These breeds are powerful and can jump high enough to knock adults flat on their backs.

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Black Russian Terrier

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The Black Russian Terrier, a large breed of dog, is the result of crossbreeding several breeds in 1952. Their glossy black coat may be adorned with rust-coloured markings. They are strong, intelligent, calm, and dignified dogs. Because of their intelligence and calm temperament, they are often used as police dogs. They are Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

Indian Mastiff (Bulli Kutta)

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The largest and most powerful mastiffs of North India are the Indian mastiffs. The Kumaon Mastiff and Sindh Mastiff also know them. In Pakistan, they are also known as Bulli Kutta or Bulli Mastiff, named after the Hindi/Urdu word Bohli, which means “heavily wrinkled”, and Kutta, which means dog, respectively. This breed’s original name was Bulli, not Bully. However, it was changed by the British because it could not be pronounced.

Indian mastiffs, which are tough and rugged and well-suited to the Indian subcontinent’s climate, are extremely hardy and strong. They were created to hunt wild animals and protect their owners. They are strong, muscular, large-boned, well-built, with high energy, stamina, and a broadhead. They are known for their fierce fighting instincts, but they are intelligent, loyal, and protective. They are Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Caucasian Ovcharka

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

The Caucasian shepherd dog was also known as this breed. It was originally bred to guard livestock. They are strong-willed and assertive. If a dog is properly trained, these qualities can be very beneficial. These dogs can be very ferocious and difficult to control if they are not properly trained. These dogs have an insatiable desire to protect their home and those living there. Dogs can be threatened if they are greeted by someone their dog doesn’t know.

Because he is such a powerful and large dog, it can be hard for owners to stop him once he starts his attack. It has been proven that the Caucasian Shepherd’s protective instincts can save lives. He can eat up to 110 pounds and will use this weight to save the lives he loves. Animals 24-7 data shows that this dog was responsible for 24 deaths between 2004 – and 2014. Children were not among the victims of the fatal attacks. This dog can be loyal and protective as long as he is well trained.

Bull Terrier

Aggressive Dog Breeds in India

Bull Terriers are distinguished by their large, egg-shaped heads. His muscular and strong body is another distinguishing feature. Due to their mistreatment, abuse, and training to attack, these dogs have received a bad reputation in the past. Although technically, these dogs aren’t dangerous to humans, they can pose a danger to small dogs and other animals. Because they are driven to hunt their prey, this is why they can be dangerous and Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

They can be aggressive toward smaller animals if they cannot control their urge. This can lead to serious injuries when they attack. He can weigh up to 65 pounds and is strong and fast. He can make a wonderful family pet if he is loved and trained properly. They are Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

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Conclusion :

These are the 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds in India.

We are grateful that you have read this article on Aggressive Dog Breeds in India. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.


10 Best Guard Dog Breeds In India

This article will help you find the best guard dogs in India.

Breeds are dogs that protect their owners from all threats. For many years, guard dogs have been the most popular pet to be able to depend on for safety. Best Guard Dog Breeds in India are good companions and can protect you from any risk, and they are great companions and make the best guards.

They will always be there for you, and they will love you unconditionally. Best Guard Dog breeds in India have a great outlook and are more intelligent than normal dogs, and your loyalty and unconditional love are most important.

People like guard dogs, but they also believe they are more loyal to their families. Guard dogs will bravely give up their lives to protect you and your family. You can choose from various Indian guard dogs to protect your family.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Guard Dog breeds in India :

  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd
  • Great Dane
  • Boxer
  • Bullmastiff
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Akita Inu


Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

Doberman breed is a small and squarely constructed dog with a muscular and trim body. The head is large and appears like an elongated wedge. The species seems aristocratic with his athletic physique and sleek coat, with a cropped ear and a docked tail. It’s brilliant, sharp, active, well-suited to dog sports, navy, and police work, and is a beautiful pet. Regular workouts are a must for them.

A sensitive dog by nature, it’s usually very shy with strangers or people who are not familiar with them. It’s not a surprise that this could be an excellent guard dog for you. The breed is known as one of the five-smartest breeds of canines. These dogs are well-aware, confident, and highly loyal homeowners. They are pretty sensitive to cold weather and need adequate protection in winter.

 The Best Guard Dog breed in India, The Doberman is an elegant, mighty brave, and quick dog. The Doberman is the fifth most intelligent dog breed worldwide. It is loyal when it comes to guarding its family members and is always vigilant. Dobermans also tend to bark frequently. While they’re off, Doberman can be a big-time amusement park. They’re highly active and are excellent runners.

However, they are also susceptible to a range of health problems, including blood-clotting issues, spinal compression, obesity, and skin problems and Best Guard Dog Breeds In India.

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ColorBlack & tan, red & tan.
Life span9–12 years.


Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

Rottweilers are a versatile breed with a herding gene and highly developed instincts. Risky behaviors typically result from unreliable dog ownership, abuse, neglect, or insufficient Socialization or training for Rottweilers. 

 Breeders say they believe that all Rottweilers require proper training and Socialization. Rottweilers love their owners and behave toward family members and friends. Best Guard Dog Breeds in India. However, they also protect their territory, and they do not allow visitors to enter their environment unless adequately introduced. Rottweiler should Socialization and training in obedience should be trained for this breed. Rottweilers are the Best Guard Dog Breeds in India.

CoatDouble-coated, short, hard and thick.
ColorBlack and tan.
Life span8–10 years.

German Shepherd

Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

German shepherds are mediumly active dogs. They are confident in breeding standards and are interested and observant, and are the Best Guard Dog Breed in India. 

They can become overprotective of their property and family when they aren’t properly socialized. They do not tend to be a close friend with strangers. German Shepherds are very knowledgeable and loyal and adept at protecting their owners. German Shepherd is adopted to guard homes purpose, Best Guard Dog Breeds In India.

CoatStandard coat, Double coat, long coat.
ColorTan with black saddle, sable, solid black or bi-colour.
Life span9–13years.

Great Dane

Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

Highly intelligent, loyal, and active by nature, This Great Dane breed canine could be pretty tall during peak and can sprint. It’s a good combat dog with a quick temper and follows the instructions of its trainers. It’s a docile guard dog that can be taught quickly and become an excellent companion for owners. This breed has the necessary size to keep out strangers and other canines. The Great Dane is the tallest found worldwide. They enjoy climbing, operating, and other outdoor pursuits.

Great Dane loves being around people, children, and canines. They are too friendly dog breeds and Best Guard Dog Breed in India. However, with good focus and Socialization, they’re usually brave and protective as a canine.Best Guard Dog Breeds In India.

Coatshorted coated hair
ColorHarlequin, black, fawn, Boston.
Life span 8 – 10years


Best Guard Dog breeds in India

A medium-sized dog Boxers are friendly, playful, patient, and generally excellent with children. They can be athletic solid and like they’re intimidating, but they’re hostile. However, they can be the Best Guard Dog Breed in India. They are highly energetic, but they require regular physical exercise.

One of India’s most beloved guard dogs is the Boxer. They are solid and sturdy, with strong jaws that allow them to capture prey. Their large bodies and bulky heads are complemented by their long, drooping ears. Some people crop their Boxer’s ears to appear more aggressive, but they look great with their natural ears.

They are easy to train and very friendly. They can also be used to guide blind people. The Best Guard Dog Breed in India.Boxers are lively and playful creatures, and they mak excellent guard dogs because they are an active breed.

Coat short, shiny, smooth-coated hairs.
Color fawn or brindle, and white
Life span9–15 years.


Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

The Bullmastiff breed is known for its physical strength, courage, safety instincts, and a high level of family loyalty. This breed is sturdy with a good mentality and the ability to captivate. 

They are considered to be guardians and are excellent pets for homeowners. This breed can be very active and efficient at monitoring, carting ability, and even remedy work. The color of this breed can be the color of fawn, brindle, or pink. It is popular due to its strength and courage, physical appearance, and devotion to families and Best Guard Dog Breeds In India.

A bullmastiff’s weight is around 150 kilograms, making them capable of tackling people of a larger size. If someone enters the path of a Bullmastiff, it typically uses its strength to knock them down or block their route.

CoatShort and weather resistant
ColorAny shade of brindle – red – fawn
Life span8-12 years

Dogo Argentino

Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

Dogs hunt big game. They are also certified in rescue and search, police assistance and service dogs, a guide to the blind, competition obedience protection dog, and military duty.

 The Dogo is a brave and intelligent dog with an intuitive and natural need to safeguard his family and home. Dogs are highly social, and if they are part of all activities with their families, they’re the most content. Dogs can distinguish between strangers and familiar ones, which is why they should be well educated and socialized at an early age.

Dogos are hunter dogs with outstanding endurance and courage, working as a group or individually. They are also used extensively for police protection, and unstable personalities are a severe error.

Life span10-15years

Belgian Malinois

Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

Belgian Malinois breed is very muscular and sturdier than bulky. The elegant head carriage is a hallmark of the species.The Belgian Malinois breed has been used for police work since its infancy. In 2011, a Cairo, a Navy SEAL Team 6 member, helped eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Conan, a Belgian Malinois, was also honored in 2019.

Conan sustained injuries during an attack on an ISIS leader. The Malinois looks similar to the German shepherd. It is intelligent, strong, and loyal, making it an excellent choice for guard dogs. According to the American Belgian Malinois Club, however, they can be territorial and jealous. Families should be ready to dedicate a significant amount of time to training. 

Coat colors differ from dark fawn and mahogany to rich fawn. If you’ve ever watched the Mal perform an obedience routine, you’ll be aware of the sharp and intelligent animal. But, there are problems when this animal is unemployed and ignored. A Malinois is happy when exercising with its owner side-by-side. Belgian Malinois Best Guard Dog breeds in India.

CoatVaries by variety
ColorVaries by variety
Life span12-14years

Tibetan Mastiff 

A Tibetan mastiff, born by the Himalayas to protect livestock and people, is among the most effective guard dogs available. Aloof, sharp, mentally vigilant, and perhaps more primitive, as per DiNardo, this giant breed is also powerful and very protective. If you have a Tibetan mastiff at your house, it may not permit anyone else to visit. However, it’ll have a gentle, sweet temperament with family members. This Tibetan mastiff is also among the most expensive breeds of dogs and the Best Guard Dog breeds in India.

Coatdouble coat with a long, thick, coarse-textured topcoat and a heavy, soft, woolly undercoat.
ColorBlack, black and tan, red gold, brown and tan, blue gray, brown.
Life span12-15years


Best Guard Dog breeds in India 

The curly, stocky Japanese mountain dog has been regarded throughout its native country as a symbol of long-lasting health and longevity as per the AKC. Akitas are extremely guardians by nature. And during times of the Middle Ages, they guarded the Japanese Emperor and his entire family. Helen Keller was gifted an Akita on a trip to Japan in 1937, making Helen Keller the first American to own an Akita.

Akitas are highly social animals and are often playful and fun. In general, they only bark when they have a valid reason to do so, according to the Akita Rescue Society of America. Akitas can be very aggressive when they are around other dogs. They must be socialized at an early age to make sure they interact with them and with humans—the best Guard Dog breeds in India.

CoatDouble coat
ColorGinger, Red, brindle, or white, all with white fur on the ventral areas of the dog (genetics variants can include black & grey) 
Life span10 years

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Conclusion :

I hope you find this list of the best guard dogs in India helpful.

There are many reasons why you might want to adopt a dog. Do your research if you are looking for the Best guard dog in India. Guard dogs can make excellent pets, and you need to make them the best dogs you can.We are grateful that you have read this article on The Best Guard Dog breeds in India. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.


Top 11 Banned Dog Breeds In India In 2022

Although some dog breeds are categorized as dangerous, aggressive, and threatening, any dog breed can be potentially dangerous and aggressive. Laws governing dog breeds are still in force to reduce their numbers, and we have listed some of the banned dog breeds in India.

Here is a list of 10 Banned dog breeds:

  • Cane Corso
  • Dogo Argentino
  • American Bulldog
  • Pitbull
  • Tosa Inu
  • Wolf Dog
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Bandog
  • Persa Canario
  • Boerboel
  • Fila Brasileiro

Cane Corso

Banned Dog Breed

Cane Corso breed standard states that the Cane Corso is a descendant of Molossia dogs. However, it became scarce after the collapse of the share-cropping system in the 1960s. The American Kennel Club of the United States recognized the breed in 2010.

The cane Corso, a solid and intelligent dog breed, is a banned dog Breeds in India. Many people are curious as to whether cane Corso in India is illegal.

They are strong and have a tail that resembles a Doberman tail.

Their bite force is too strong and can easily break bones.

A Cane Corso is usually kept as a partner dog and a guard dog, but it can also be employed to guard livestock. In the past, the Cane Corso was utilized for hunting colossal game and helping herd cattle. 

It is working trails to be registered. Registered dogs have to exhibit calmness even in the presence of non-threatening strangers, apathy to gunfire, and aggressive defense of their owner against any attacker.

ColorBlack, Brindle.
Life span10 – 12 years.

Dogo Argentino

Banned Dog Breed

Dogo Argentino breed was first introduced in 1928 in Argentina and was derived from an extinct breed referred to by the name “Cordoba fighting dog” after mixing it with different breeds such as Great Dane, Irish wolfhounds, and Dogue-de Bordeaux. They are famous for their daring games and are capable of tackling dangerous praying animals like mountain lions, though this was not their primary goal. They are also used for dogfighting and are banned Dog Breeds in at least 10 countries.

A Dogo Argentino is a big white short-coated dog with black spots on its face and has a robust and muscular body, which is rarely adorned with marks on the coat (any marking or pattern in the fur is thought to be a flaw). Although it’s not accepted in all the clubs, it looks possible that a Dogo Argentino could have a black spot on the top of its head, referred to as a “pirate”. It is recognized as a valid characteristic by Federacion Cinologica Argentino.

Life span10 – 15 years

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American Bulldog

Banned Dog Breed

American Bulldog is large, muscular breed is heavier than the English bulldog. American bulldogs are well-known for their ability to hunt small game and guard farms. They are not afraid to put their lives at risk, but their solid protective instincts don’t stop them from doing so. Early socialization is essential for them to distinguish between actual threats and friends.

The most well-known and loved breed of Dog is the American Bulldog. American Bulldog is muscular, sturdy, heavy, and more attractive than the English bulldog. They are Banned Dog Breeds in India

They are known for their exceptional bite force. They are highly protective, have strong instincts, and don’t fear.

They can do anything to safeguard their owners if they notice something unusual. And early socialization is essential for dogs of this breed. They have been a Banned dog breeds in India for several years, and it is recommended to beware of this breed.

ColorWhite, Brindle, Fawn, Brown, Red
Life span10 – 15 years


Banned Dog Breed

Pit Bull is a name used within the United States for a type of Dog that descends from bulldogs and terriers. In other countries like those in the United Kingdom, the term is utilized as an abbreviation for Pitbull, the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. The time it was first introduced was 1927. In other countries, such as Britain, Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not considered a pit bull. Most Pitbull-type dogs come from the British Bull and Terrier, the 19th-century Dogfighting breed that evolved by crossing the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. They are Banned Dog Breeds in India.

Numerous studies have been conducted that suggest that 42-45 per cent of attacks committed on people were carried out by Pitbulls, of which 70% of the victims were children. Pitbulls Banned Dog Breeds are among the most misunderstood breeds of dogs and are considered highly risky by a large number. They are sweet pets or terrifying beasts, and it is illegal for them to be owned in various countries worldwide.

ColorBlack, Brindle, White, Fawn, Tan, Grey, Blue, Brown, Red
Life span8 – 15 years

Tosa Inu

Banned Dog Breed

Tosa Inu breed is a massive DogDog with various variations and can weigh between 130-and 200 pounds. The remarkable stoicism displayed by this breed since most people believe that they can fight quietly, without whimpering and screaming. From the beginning, they were developed as combat dogs and are banned legally in certain countries that consider them as dangerous and Banned Dog Breeds in India.

ColorBlack, Brindle, Fawn, Red.
Life span10 – 12 years

Wolf Dog

Banned Dog Breed

Wolf dog breed has always been a source of debate. Raised a canine and a wolf because of their genetic structure. This breed has a highly temperamental nature and behaves like a wolf at times and a dog in certain situations. They are challenging to manage if you cannot deal with their demands and their unpredictable Behaviour and they have Banned dog Breeds in India.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Banned Dog Breed

Roman Colosseum was once home to the breed of gladiator dog. Neapolitan Mastiff dogs are massive, with males reaching up to 200 pounds. However, Neapolitan Mastiffs do not seem dangerous to the public; however, they are not legally allowed in Singapore. If you wish to possess one in Romania, it is necessary to pass a psychological test. However, these dogs could become dangerous when they are fully grown and should not be kept in the vicinity of children. they are very massive in size and Banned Dog Breeds.

Colorusually grey, lead grey or black
Life spanup to 10 years


Banned Dog Breed

Bandog breed was recognised Since the middle ages, people have used the term bandog that can be used to describe an animal of large dimension that is released from its chain to secure its property in the evening. Nowadays, the bandogs we see aren’t purebred, and various methods are used for their creation. Bandog includes American pit bull terriers and mastiffs. The aim is to produce an animal that has the appearance of a mastiff and the drive of a pitbull. In actual truth, there’s a prohibition of command dogs everywhere and they are been Banned Dog Breeds.

Persa Canario

Banned Dog Breed

Persa Canario is enormous combat dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds and are bred from islands in the Canary Islands located in Spain. In 2001 there was a situation when a couple of press Canario titled “Bane” & “Hera” killed a managed 33 death. The dogs are naturally aggressive and they have Banned Dog Breeds. Nature since they were designed to protect livestock.

ColorBlack, Brindle, Fawn, Silver fawn, Red brindle, Red Fawn.
Life span9 – 11 years


Banned Dog Breed

Boerboel breed comes from South Africa & its appearance is similar to that of the active Bullmastiff. The word “Boerboel” translates to farm dog. To provide the first defense against animals that could be dangerous, such as lions, hyenas, and other large cats. They are powerful and innovative and are considered to be excellent watchdogs. They can be extremely dangerous and destructive if they are not adequately trained. This is why Boerboel was banned in India.

ColorBlack, Fawn, Brindle.
Life span10 – 12 years

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is prohibted in India

Fila Brasileiro is a large working dog breed that was developed in Brazil. It is well-known for its excellent tracking abilities, aggressiveness, and unforgiving temperament. The Fila waits to be hunted, rather than attacking its prey.

This large dog is not recommended for people who are new to pet ownership or live in apartments. The Fila Brasileiro requires a lot of space and needs experienced training. This breed is a Banned dog breed in India and many countries that consider them aggressive.

The Fila Brasileiro is a great companion and watchdog for experienced large dog owners who are willing to dedicate a lot of time to training and socialization.

Conclusion :

These are the 11 most banned dog breeds in India.

We are grateful that you have read this article on banned dog breeds in India. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.


Is Dogo Argentino banned in India?

Yes, Dogo Argentino is banned in India.

Is cane Corso banned in India?

Yes, Cane Corso is banned in India because it is too aggressive.

Is Boerboel banned in India?

Yes, it’s extremely dangerous and destructive if they are not adequately trained.

Is pitbull banned in India?

Numerous studies have been conducted that suggest that 42-45 percent of attacks committed on people were carried out by Pitbulls, of which 70% of the victims were children. They are sweet pets or terrifying beasts, and it is illegal for them to be owned in various countries worldwide. So that pitbull is banned in India.

which dog is banned in India?

Here are some of the banned dog breeds in India: Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog, Pitbull, Tosa Inu, Wolf Dog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Bandog, Persa Canario, Boerboel.


Top 10 Friendly Dog Breeds In India 2022

Dogs are a very good company for the humans to spend time with, if we have stress, after seeing those cute, lovable nature the stress gets disappears from us. so the Dog is called ” Man’s Best Friend”. Some of the most child-friendly dog breeds make great companions to Humans.

Here is a list of 10 least friendly dog breeds:

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century. Golden retrievers are great and playful dogs they are gentle with other animals as well. The Best part is they are well pleased and loyal to their owners. Their, gentle and affectionate nature and their golden coat had made them so popular to everyone.

They are active, smart, and sharp and they love to play for a long time. Once you are out of the home, they will search for your presence at home. They will be waiting for u to come back home. They are one of the very hyperactive dog breeds. When they learn to play together appropriately, a golden retriever is a good match for families with kids. They are one of the friendly dog breeds to adopt.

Between seven weeks and four months, your golden retriever puppy should be exposed to various kinds of people and situations to develop excellent social skills, Retrievers are also in plenty of demand for several occupations they are trained as guide dogs, for search-and-rescue operations and they are emotionally attached dogs.

CoatStraight or moderately wavy
ColorAny shades of gold or cream
Life spanAverage 10-12years

2. Siberian Husky

Friendly Dog Breeds

Siberian Husky is medium size dog breed it belongs to the spitz family. They are one of the most popular Nordic dogs in the world. It was originally developed by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberian.

They are recognizable by their furry coating, triangle ears, sparkling eyes, and distinctive markings. they are friendly dog breeds and playful dogs.

There’s nothing to compare to spending time with these loyal and affectionate dogs. Huskies have remarkable language skills, they understand what we talk about, they are truly amazing dogs. they have a habit of interacting with their owners.

Siberian huskies howl instead of barking. They are friendly dog breeds that are great at digging, jumping around fences, and playing with their owners.

Coatstandard coat, Bush coat, and woolly coat
Colors All colors from black to pure white, including different colors and markings
Life span12-14 years

3. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever or Labrador is a British-bred dog. It is commonly kept dogs in several countries. Labs are famously known as friendly and they socialize well with neighbour dogs and with humans. Labradors are loyal dog’s, therefore their loyalty is extremely strong and they are very sharp. They are loyal lively and loving dogs and experts in snuffing. 

 The Labrador is a loyal, obedient, playful and friendly dog breeds.

 Regular exercise is a great way to let out some of their energy and help them maintain a healthy weight. With lots of playtimes and proper training, even high-energy Labs can be calm and obedient. When a dog becomes overweight, exercise can be tough on its joints and cause pain. It’s always better to prevent their weight from becoming an issue than to let it get out of hand and have to try to slim them down later.

Coatshort, dense, weather-resistant, double coat
ColorBlack, Chocolate, or yellow
Life span12- 14 years

4. Beagle

Friendly Dog Breeds

Beagles are small, cute and friendly dog breeds. Beagles are not good for protection or guard dogs because they are usually friendly to everyone and we cannot depend on them to guard our house. They are moderately playful, affectionate, and good with children. the beagle has one of the best-developed senses of smell of any dog.

 Beagles not only have adorable faces, but they are also generally loving and loveable, happy and companionable, making them a great family member and friendly dog breeds.

The Beagle is an intelligent pack dog who loves the company of other dogs and people, Beagle left alone for too long may get restless and destructive. The best thing about a Beagle is that he will always make you laugh even when he’s being naughty. It generally excels as a rabbit hunter and is typically an alert, affectionate dog. The Beagle is an outgoing dog. While they may bark when a stranger approaches, they are not overly protective and will likely greet new people with their tails wagging. They do not possess the behaviours typical of a guard dog, but their loud bark may make them useful as a watchdog.

Coatshort-haired, hard coat of medium length
Colortricolor or white in combination with black & tan/brown or brown/tan
 Life span12- 15 years

5. Great Dane

Friendly Dog Breeds

Great Dane was originally bred in Germany. They are also known as the Greman Mastiff. These are gentle giants. We can depend on them to guard our house and they are friendly with their owners. They get along with the other animals easily. But some of the individuals in the breed can be aggressive with dogs. They also look like a small horses. They are playful and friendly dog breeds. Great Dane likes to play with their dog and with the human as well.

Great Danes are one of the large dog breeds. they are enormous, gentle dogs that love spending time with their family members. “They’re strong and they’re powerful, and they have a great temperament overall.” If you have smaller kids at home, make sure to supervise them around your Dane—after all, he’s so big he might accidentally step on them. Great Danes prefer to spend time around humans and other animals rather than being alone. He is generally good with children and usually friendly toward other household dogs and pets, but like all large dogs should be supervised. With training, he makes a pleasant, well-mannered family companion. The Great Dane needs daily moderate exercise.

Coatshorted coated hair
ColorHarlequin, black, fawn, Boston.
Life span 8 – 10years

6. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is an Asian toy dog breed of origin from Tibet. This breed is well known for its long silky coat and cute round eyes. They are a fluffy and cute looking dog breed. This breed is mostly loved by families, children in pet homes. They are easy to carry everywhere we go. They are very cute, adorable and friendly dog breeds. If you wish to keep the long flowing coat, you must be prepared for some serious grooming time for their long coat hair, if it gets dirty, the coat will get sticky and they are difficult to be groomed.

The name comes from the Chinese language word for “lion” because this kind of dog was bred to resemble “the lion, as in traditional oriental art.(The Pekingese breed is also called “lion dog” in Chinese.) This pooch is a lover, not a hunter. They love nothing more than to meet and greet friends and strangers alike. Count on a Shih Tzu to make friends wherever they go.

Coatdouble-coated, long flowing coated hair
ColorBlack, White, Brindle , Liver & White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & White, Blue, Gold.
Life span10-15years

7. Pug


The pug breed is originally from China. Pug comes in the category of toy breeds. This breed is recognised by its punched faces with the notch unique facial wrinkles, Eyes should be, large with a rounded shape and dark in colour, The breed has strong, straight legs set well under the body and a tail that curls over the hip. It is an adorable friendly dog breeds.

Pug breed dogs should not be too fat, because of that, they can walk properly, which can affect, their legs. They were lap dogs also called Hutch dogs. They are very easy, to carry everywhere in the hands. Pug dog doesn’t have a flat face, leading some to believe that it was a different breed. They have a square body with well-developed muscles. In ancient China, Pugs were bred to be companions for royalty. They were highly valued by Chinese Emperors, who kept their pooches in luxury.

Coatshort coat
ColorFawn, white, black, Silver Fawn, apricot.
Life span12-15years.

8. German shepherd

German shepherd

The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. another name for the German shepherd is Alsatian. the German shepherd dog is one of America’s, most popular dog breeds for good reasons. they are friendly to humans as well as, guarding because of their calm nature and caring temperature, they are a very intelligent, trainable, obedient and friendly dog breeds.

 They can be trained by the family members themselves, they are fast learners. they are loyal to their owners, and they are very protective and friendly dog breeds by their nature. the German shepherd dog is herding and it is known for its courage and loyalty.

The German shepherd is a good choice for families, with children as long as the dog is trained. They have a very good sense of smell and they are in number 4th position, after bloodhound, basset hound, and beagle.   

Coatshort coat, dense and bush coat, Long coat.
ColorBlack, Black and tan, grey, black and silver and liver brown.
Life span8 – 12 years

9. Dalmatian


The Dalmatian is a breed of a medium-sized dog, unique for its white coat marked with black or brown-coloured spots. they have short coat hair. the dalmatian when giving birth to their puppies, puppies don’t have black spots around their body, when they grow older the black spots get appearing on their body. 

They are very friendly dogs with children’s and family members. Eye colour varies between brown, amber, or blue, with some dogs having one blue eye and one brown eye, or other combinations. This dog is intelligent, obedient, playful and friendly dog breeds with everyone. 

The Dalmatian breed was very popular in the year 1956 by the novel called The Hundred and one Dalmatian written by author Dodie Smith, And after that, there was a movie made by Walt Disney films based on the book. they animated the movie and released it in the year 1961. The breed was cute to see, the people started adopting this breed to their lovable homes. 

CoatWhite background.
ColorColors permitted in the show ring: black- or liver-colored. spots.
Life span10-15years

10. Boxer


The Boxer is a medium-large, short-haired breed of dog, origin in Germany. They have a wide, short skull with wrinkles on their face, They have strong muscles. Boxers are very loyal, obedient, affectionate, and very hyperactive, friendly dog breeds. They need plenty of attention towards them, as well as they are very intelligent and friendly dog breeds.   

They are focused on their loved ones, which can make them good watchdogs. They don’t make the best guarding dogs unless they are been trained to do so. Boxers move like the athletes they are named for: smooth and graceful, with a powerful forward thrust. Their patience and protective nature have earned them a reputation as great dogs with children. They take the jobs of watchdog and family guardian seriously and will meet threats fearlessly. They look good when their ears are cropped, and the tail is been cut, and they are very friendly dog breeds.

Coat short, shiny, smooth-coated hairs.
Color fawn or brindle, and white
Life span9–15 years.


These are the top 10 Friendly Dog Breeds.

We are grateful that you have read this article on the most friendly dog in the world. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.