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10 Best Kennels In Bangalore

Here are some of the Best Kennels in Bangalore that provide good quality puppies in their Kennel. They also guide you on how to feed the puppies from time to time and tell every detail you need about the dog puppies. And The Best Dog Boarding ib Bangalore.

Here is a list of some of the Best Kennels In Bangalore:

  • Sandalwood Kennel.
  • Black Bull Kennel.
  • Astro Puppy Dog boarding centre. 
  • Happy Kennel Bangalore.
  • The Red Rotrollen Kennel.
  • Pawse Pet Boarding.
  • Happy Dogs Kennel and Boarding.
  • A.n.kennels [Giant Dogs Breeders].
  • Spar Pet Home.
  • Shadow’s Kennel.

Sandalwood Kennel:

Best Kennels In Bangalore

Sandalwood Kennel is the Best Kennels in Bangalore. The dog puppies are of Three Qualities: Show Quality, Good quality and pet Quality puppies and Adult Dogs. We will provide puppies per your requirement and offer puppies, and adult dogs with KCI registered papers or without KCI registered documents. They provide services like a homely Boarding facility for your puppies and adult dog.

Sandalwood kennel is the top Dog Kennel in Bangalore, Which Deals with small, Medium and Gaint dog breeds. They provide dogs per your priority, and the prices are as per the quality of the puppies and adult dogs.

They have the Best Dog boarding in Bangalore. They keep the dogs in a clean and hygenic place and take good care of they them. They have both Home Boarding and Kennel Boarding. Most dogs are kept in the home, and they are Fed them from time to time. 

They have friendly dog in their Kennel. you will get excellent companions Dog breeds to your excellent family. The Dog puppies here are very active and playful puppies and love to spending time with people. The dog are incredibly smart and have pretty high energy level and very soft and furry dog breeds.

ContactContact: +91 9036235036

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Black Bull Kennel:

The black Bull kennel is the Best Kennel in Bangalore and provides good quality puppies and boarding facilities for puppies and adult dogs. The kennel owners are very informative and knowledgeable about the dog’s needs and diet, and one can contact them regarding any queries related to dogs and their needs.

Address 139,1st Main Road, 3rd Cross St, near Karnataka Bank ATM, Kaval Bairasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032.

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Astro Puppy Dog boarding centre:

The Astro puppy dog boarding centre is the Best Kennels in Bangalore. This is situated in the South of Bangalore and caters for all your dog’s needs. If you are looking for a new puppy or if there are any needs for your dog, you can contact them and get assisted. They also help with pet boarding and pet breeding. You should contact them if you are situated in the south of Bangalore and have your pup needs.

Address 262/7 Jayanagar 1st block 4th main, 22nd Cross Rd, bysandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka        560011   

Happy Kennel Bangalore:

The Happy Kennel is one of the best Kennels in Bangalore, situated in Mysore Road and R R Nagar’s surrounding areas. This Kennel provides all kinds of dog care and also provides pet boarding and grooming. If you are someone situated nearby to Mysore Road, this is the Kennel to look up to and caters for your dog’s needs.

Address 80 Feet Rd, Channasandra, RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560074

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The Red Rotrollen Kennel:

This Kennel is situated on the eastern side of Bangalore. The Red Rotrollen Kennel is the Best Kennels in Bangalore and provides services like grooming, breeding, training, and transportation. If someone is nearby, you can look up to them for the dog puppies.

Address:No: 6a 49/2, Shree Angalaparameshwari Illam Sunny Layout Road Happay Gardens SVGP LAYOUT(SHREE Vinayaka Green Park layout) 1st main, 2nd Cross Rd, Margondanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.

Pawse Pet Boarding:

Pawse pet boarding best Kennels in Bangalore is located north of Bangalore in Yelahanka. They provide facilities like a dog boarding centre in Yelahanka, which is a clean, safe and quiet place for your dog.

Address:108/1 Avalahalli, Opposite Presidency School Rd, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.

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Happy Dogs Kennel and Boarding:

Happy dogs Kennel and boarding is the best Kennels in Bangalore is situated on the north side of Bangalore; they provide a boarding facility for dogs. If you are nearby this location, you can look to them for boarding and dog puppies. If someone is located near Kogilu, you can look them up.

Address3rd Cross Rd, Prakruthi Nagar, Kogilu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.

A.n.kennels [Giant Dogs Breeders]:

A.n.kennels is the best Kennels in Bangalore, situated in the central part of Bangalore. They sell almost all Giant dogs and toy breeds, from imported lineage show prospects dogs for our valuable customers, all kinds of Giants and toy breeds available in A.n.kennels. If someone is located near Austin Town, you can look up for them.

Addressnear Ambedkar statue, Austin Town, Neelasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047.

Spar Pet Home:

Spar pet home is the best Kennels in Bangalore, located north-eastern side of Bangalore. They provide a homestay for dogs, where they can enjoy a vacation, they onboard dog in our homestay and enjoy taking care of them a lot. If someone is located near K.R Puram, you can look up to them.

AddressCascading Meadows, #94, Thambu Chetty Palya, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.

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Shadow’s Kennel:

Shadow’s best Kennels in Bangalore is in the east part of Bangalore. This Space for dogs (Small & Medium Breed) to be housed temporarily for a fee. They also offer the below-listed services: * Day Care * Other Pet Boarding * Doorstep Pet Bathing * Pet Food Supply. If someone is located near Bidarahalli, you can look up to them for their services. 

AddressSS Illam, #39, Pragathi Layout, Hallehalli Bidarahalli, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036.


These are some of the Best Kennels in Bangalore that provide services like Purchasing and selling dog puppies and adult dogs and other services like grooming, pet sitting, and pet boarding facility for your pets.

We are grateful that you have read this article on Best Kennels in Bangalore. You can also comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Where can I leave my dog in Bangalore?

You will get many dog Boarding Services near your location you contact that kennel for your dog boarding to leave your dog. They take good care of your dog.

What is the cost of puppy in Bangalore?

You have to consider many things before you decide to get a dog and one of them is the price. Prices depend upon the Quality of the puppy and vary according to the quality of the puppy.

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